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Mr. Mike Gallo, a NEAT Board of Director, is pictured here delivering his congratulations speech to the 18 graduating students that have just completed and passed their NEAT InVITE Alliance Deconstruction Training course. The hands-on instruction given at a Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino supplied facility have generated over 30 graduates. The 18 students of this graduating class are among the first in the community to qualify for employment maintaining the properties of the Housing Authority of San Bernardino. "Congratulations to you all."
True to its word, the Housing Authority San Bernardino NEAT InVITE Alliance instructs, employs and compensates its participating students. Pictured here is a "payday" for all the students involved. "The look of relief and satisfaction on their faces is reward enough." said Mr. Gallo as the students raise their stipend checks provided as part of the agreement for finishing the training course. "It just feels right to be able to follow through with our promises and re-establishing trust and pride in those that participate.
"There is only one greater reward than teaching, and that is knowing that the student will receive employment immediately upon graduation." Stated Adolfo Ruiz (right), as he awards one of his students with his well earned Graduation Certificate. These certificates acknowledges that the students have completed and passed the entire curriculum for the Deconstruction Training class. Mr. Ruiz, a U.S. Air force Veteran and a Licensed General Contractor is typical of the caliber of educator of the Housing Authority San Bernardino NEAT InVITE Alliance.
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